Your First Visit To Prestige Braces Clinic – What To Expect

Initial Consultation

Your first visit to Prestige begins with the Initial Consultation. During this visit, Dr. Chay will introduce herself to you, and conduct an initial evaluation of the condition of your face, mouth, and teeth. Then, Dr. Chay will give you the results, and advise you if Orthodontic treatment is necessary. If your child is not ready for treatment at this time, we will place them into our guidance programme to periodically monitor their growth and development. The Initial Consultation usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Orthodontic Records

If Dr. Chay determines that you can benefit from Orthodontic Treatment, Orthodontic records will be necessary to determine the duration and type of treatment, when it should begin, and the frequency of visits. Orthodontic records consist of digital impression (3-D scanning) of the teeth, digital x-rays, and photographs. After reviewing these records, Dr. Chay will determine what treatment is needed and the best time for it to start.

Your Second Visit To Prestige Braces Clinic

Individualized Treatment Plan

After your records are complete, Dr. Chay reviews them thoroughly and develops an Individualized Treatment Plan specifically for you. This plan takes into account all the findings of your records, and the desired goals of treatment. On your second visit, Dr. Chay will present the plan to you. During the presentation, Dr. Chay will review your X-Rays and 3-D scanned teeth images with you, and explain your proposed treatment thoroughly. This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment.


Bonding Appointments

After you have agreed to the individualized treatment plan, you are now ready to get your braces! Nowadays, Dr Chay uses the bondable molar tubes which are more hygienic and do not leave behind spaces after end of treatment. However, certain cases still necessitate the use of molar bands which then require separators, which are small rubber bands, which will be inserted between the molar teeth and will allow for easier placement of the bands. These separators are usually done (takes less than 2 minutes) at the same visit as the treatment planning session. These separators will be left in place for one week. After a week, Dr Chay will place the braces on the teeth and a wire is secured into the braces. At this time, we will discuss the importance of proper care of the teeth and braces.

Adjustment Appointments

Once the braces are in place, you will visit our office to review your treatment progress at intervals of 2-3 months, depending on your specific needs. At these appointments, a number of different procedures might be done in order to assure the continued progress of your treatment. This includes the placement of new wires, the use of rubber bands, and the review of home care instructions.

Debonding (Removal of braces)

Upon completion of treatment, the braces will be removed and post-treatment models, x-rays, and pictures are completed. Retainers are then made to hold the teeth inplace.

How Long Does Full Orthodontics Treatment Take?

Generally, full orthodontic treatment takes about two or two and a half years for a typical case. It will take longer with a complicated case or if you do not follow the orthodontist’s instructions.
For early treatment (dental discrepancy) or adjunctive orthodontic treatment it will take 6 -12 months.
For early treatment (jaw discrepancy), it will take up to 9 months.