Our Mission

Provide safe, reliable, and compassionate Orthodontic treatment using the latest methods and technology, with friendly and efficient service, in a relaxing environment.

Our Vision

To deliver modern, world class Orthodontic treatment and maintain the highest level of patient care at all times. To be in the forefront in the advancement of Orthodontics techniques, so we can provide the best possible results to our patients in the shortest amount of time.
Orthodontic treatment at Prestige can deliver a lot more than a beautiful smile. Crooked or overlapped teeth can impair chewing (and, therefore, digestion) and complicate dental hygiene. Poorly aligned teeth can lead to other complications such as biting on the tongue or gums.
Jaw irregularities can cause the roof of your mouth to block your nasal cavities, leading to breathing difficulties. All of these potential problems can be prevented with the use of orthodontics. Don’t wait, call Prestige today, and improve your success and confidence with a healthy, beautiful smile!