Metal Braces

At Prestige, Dr Chay uses the SWLF Synergy R from Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, USA. SWLF Synergy R™ provides many advantages over self ligating brackets currently on the market:

Patients still have their choice of colors on the front braces
Fully convertible to the traditional braces
No moving parts -no clips, doors or slides ( no breakable components)
Low profile for patient comfort
Fewer appointments required

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clarity SL braces are translucent, so they are less visible than metal braces and they are the coolest looking braces you’ll find anywhere. Clarity SL Bracket System is from 3M Unitek (USA) Advantages of Clarity SL Braces:

Durable, translucent ceramic bracket
Potential for fewer and faster appointments
Smooth, molded, comfortable edges
Open design helps you maintain good hygiene
Engineered to move your teeth quickly


MBrace® is a custom-made, digitally crafted, clear orthodontic aligner that promises outstanding results by straightening teeth comfortably. MBrace® is a custom-made, digitally crafted, clear orthodontic aligner that promises outstanding results by straightening teeth comfortably.

Economically priced
Visibly clear; requiring no brackets or wires
Hygienic & easily removable
High levels of comfort and effectiveness
Digitally customised treatment plans
Periodical checks to monitor your progress


Functional appliances help correct the bone problems, while the tooth problems are corrected with the orthodontic braces. The ideal age for the use of functional appliances is during the pubertal spurt which ranges from age 9 to 12, when the cooperation level is the highest. The functional appliances used in our clinic are the Twin Blocks (removable appliances) and Herbst appliance (fixed appliances).

Twin Blocks

This functional appliance consists of two bite blocks, upper and lower, which interlock at 70°. Twin Blocks™ are designed so the mandible is recessive. This is a comfortable appliance to wear as patients rarely have problems speaking or eating with the appliance. The activation of the midline screws assist with the transverse development. Since 80% of Class II malocclusions have deficient mandibles, the Twin Block™ is a must for the treatment of the majority of Class II cases for young patients who are good cooperators.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is very effective in correcting large overbites due to small lower jaws in patients who are growing. The Herbst appliance is used to enhance the growth of the lower jaw in a forward direction, while at the same time applying pressure to the upper jaw in a backwards direction. Expansion may also be achieved in the upper jaw if desired. A tube and rod work together similar to a shock absorber to connect the upper and lower jaws. This does not interfere with opening and closing the mouth or with eating. Side to side movement is somewhat restricted. The Herbst appliance is cemented on the back molars and is in place and active 24 hours a day. It is generally worn full time for 12 months along with front braces. Once it is removed, braces are added to the side teeth for an additional 12 months to complete tooth alignment.

Reverse Headgear

The Reverse Headgear is a removable appliance for patients where the upper jaw is not growing fast enough, resulting in a crossbite or underbite. The device consists of a metal bar attached to pads on the forehead and chin with rubber bands hooked to the face mask and the upper braces to gradually move the upper jaw forward. Patient compliance is extremely important as the face mask must be worn a set number of hours per day or more to obtain the desired results. The face mask device is generally worn for 6-12 months.